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Finvasia Vs Ventura: Which one is better?

Both the brokers are registered with SEBI and offers investment in Equity, F&O, Currency and Commodities. The brokerage of Finvasia Max Rs 0 per trade while the brokerage of Ventura ranges between 0.01% to 0.10%. Finvasia is a Discount Broker where Ventura is a Full Service Broker. Finvasia is having overall higher rating compare to Ventura. Finvasia is rated 4 out of 5 where Ventura is rated only 3.5 out of 5. Number of active customer for Ventura is 1,14,183 where number of active customer for Finvasia is 43,174. Ventura is serving more customer compare to Finvasia.

Here we present side-by-side comparison of Finvasia vs Ventura share brokers in India. The comparison is based on more than 100+ attributes for clear decision making. To be precise, we have compared Finvasia vs Ventura's on brokerage plans, Plan types, Customer Service, Maintenance fees, AMC, Trading Platforms, Rating, Reviews, Mobile App, Margin/Leverage/Exposure, Demat Account and Investment Options provided to Share Brokers in India. This will help you in make up your mind and clear things for you so that you can choose the best broker for youself. We also help our visitors with account opening.

Here we present side-by-side comparison of Finvasia vs Ventura share brokers in India. The comparison is based on more than 100+ attributes for clear decision making.

To be precise, we have compared Finvasia vs Ventura's on

  • Brokerage plans
  • Plan types
  • Customer Service
  • Maintenance fees
  • AMC
  • Trading Platforms
  • Rating
  • Reviews
  • Mobile App
  • Margin/Leverage/Exposure
  • Demat Account
  • Investment Options
  • And many more attributes

This will help you in make up your mind and clear things for you so that you can choose the best broker for yourself. We also help our visitors with account opening.

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Service

  Finvasia Compare
Ventura Compare
Overall Rating Rated 4 stars Rated 3.5 stars
Brokerage Charges Rated 5 stars Rated 3 stars
Trading Platform Rated 4 stars Rated 4 stars
Investments Offering Rated 4 stars Rated 4 stars
Customer Service Rated 3 stars Rated 3.5 stars
Broker Type What is this parameter? Discount Broker Full Service Broker
Exchanges Supported What is this parameter? BSE, NSE, MCX, NCDEX NSE, BSE, MCX
Active Clients 43,174 1,14,183
Broker Overview Finvasia is India’s first discount brokerage house offering zero brokerage online trading account, zero lifetime Demat AMC, and online trading in stocks, derivatives, commodities, and currencies at absolutely NIL brokerage on the feature-rich S... Know more about Finvasia Open a free Demat & Trading account and enjoy a lifetime zero maintenance fee benefit with Ventura Securities. Get portfolio management services, expert research-backed advisory services and trade on the superfast Pointer terminal or trade on the mov...Know more about Ventura
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Account Opening Charges and AMC

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Trading & Demat Account Opening Charges

Comparison of Finvasia with Ventura on trading & demat account opening charges and AMC. Trading account opening charges - Both broker offers Free Trading account opening. Demat AMC charges - Both broker don't charge any AMC for Demat Account.

Trading & Demat Account Opening Charges - Compare Finvasia with Ventura
Charges Finvasia Ventura
Trading Account Opening Fees Free Free
Trading AMC Free Free
Demat Account Opening Fees Free Free
Demat AMC Free Free
Provide DP Service Yes Yes

About Brokerage Plans

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Plan Options

Plans are the most important feature you look when compare Finvasia with Ventura. This section compare on high level about type of plans offered by brokers. Multiple Plans - Both the brokers don't have Multiple Plans, brokers offer only single plan.. Monthly Plans - Both the brokers don't have Monthly Plans.

Compare Finvasia with Ventura on Plan Options
Plan Types Finvasia Ventura
Multiple Plans No No
Monthly Plans No No
Yearly Plans No No

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Brokerage Charges

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Brokerage Charges

Finvasia Brokerage Plan detail - Free Trading - Zero Brokerage Plan: Finvasia allows customers to trade in different segments at free of cost.

Ventura Brokerage Plan detail - Ventura has a traditional percentage based brokerage model that charges a fixed percentage of brokerage fee or charged brokerage on per lot basis.

Brokerage Charges - Compare Finvasia with Ventura
Brokerage Charges Compare Finvasia Ventura
Plan Name Zero Brokerage Trading Plan Basic Trading Plan (Percentage Based)
Equity Delivery Rs 0 0.1%
Equity Intraday Rs 0 0.01%
Equity Futures Rs 0 0.03%
Equity Options Rs 0 Rs 18 per lot
Currency Futures Rs 0 Rs 10 Per Lot
Currency Options Rs 0 Rs 10 Per Lot
Commodity Trading Rs 0 Intraday & delivery: 0.025%| Options: Rs 100 per l
Minimum Brokerage NA Delivery: 2 paisa per share| Intraday: 1 paisa per share
Hidden Charges No No
Funding Yes, 24% interest PA Info Not Available
Call & Trade Charges Free Free
Auto Square off Charges Free Free
Brokerage Calculator Brokerage Calculator for Finvasia Brokerage Calculator for Ventura

Share Broker's Transaction Charges

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Transaction Charges

Compare Finvasia with Ventura on transaction charges and PCM fee by segment.

Transaction Charges - Compare Finvasia with Ventura
Transaction Charges Compare Finvasia Ventura
Equity Delivery Rs 345 Per Cr Rs 345 Per Cr
Equity Intraday Rs 345 Per Cr Rs 345 Per Cr
Equity Futures Rs 200 Per Cr Rs 200 Per Cr
Equity Options Rs 5300 Per Cr Rs 5300 Per Cr
Currency Futures Rs 110 Per Cr Rs 90 Per Cr
Currency Options Rs 4000 Per Cr Rs 4000 Per Cr
Commodity Non-Agri: Rs 260 Per Cr | Agri: Rs 175 Per Cr Non-Agri: Rs 260 Per Cr | Agri: Rs 175 Per Cr
Brokerage Charges Complete Brokerage Plans for finvasia Complete Brokerage Plans for ventura

Account Features

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Account Features

Compare Finvasia with Ventura on Account Features like 3-in-1 account, Algo Trading, NRI Trading, Margin Trading Funding and many more. Account Type - both the brokers offers 2-in-1 account which includes trading and demat account. Algo Trading - Finvasia offers Algo Trading where Ventura doesn't offers Algo Trading. Margin Funding - Ventura offers a margin funding where Finvasia doesn't offers margin funding. NRI Trading - Both broker provides NRI Trading facility.

Account Features - Finvasia with Ventura
Account Features Compare Finvasia Ventura
3 in 1 Account No Finvasia have 2-in-1 account. Only Demate and Trading account. No Finvasia have 2-in-1 account. Only Demate and Trading account.
Charting Yes Yes
Algo Trading Yes No
SMS Alerts No Yes
Online Demo Yes Yes
Online Portfolio Yes No
Margin Trading Funding Available No Yes
Combined Ledger for Equity and Commodity Yes Yes
Intraday Square-off Time 3:15 PM 3:15PM
NRI Trading Yes Yes
Other Features NIL NIL

Trading Platform

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Trading Platform

With our expert research team, we have compared all the major features of Trading platform b/w Finvasia and Ventura. This comparison covers Desktop Trading Platform, Web, Mobile for Windows, Android and iOS. We have provided links for mobile app to download and demo links for easy access.

Trading Platform - Compare Finvasia with Ventura
Trading Platform Compare Finvasia Ventura
Desktop Trading Platform OMNESYS NEST Ventura Pointer
Desktop Demo Info Not Available Desktop Demo
Desktop Platform (Windows) Yes Yes
Desktop Platform (Mac) No No
Web Trading Platform Yes Yes
Web Trading Detail
Web Trading Demo Info Not Available Info Not Available
Mobile Site Yes No
Mobile Trading Yes Yes
Mobile Trading App SCALPERT Ventura Wealth
Mobile Trading App Demo SCALPERT Demo Ventura Wealth Demo
Android Mobile App Yes Yes
Android App Download Andriod SCALPERT Download Andriod Ventura Wealth Download
iPhone Mobile App (IOS) No No
iOS App Download Info Not Available iOS Ventura Wealth Download
Android Tablet App Yes Yes
iPad App (IOS) No No
Trading Software Charges Basic platforms are free, advance platforms are chargeable. Info Not Available
Equity Brokerage Calculator Equity Intraday and Delivery Brokerage Calculator for Finvasia Equity Intraday and Delivery Brokerage Calculator for Ventura
Futures Brokerage Calculator Futures Brokerage Calculator for Finvasia Futures Brokerage Calculator for Ventura
Options Brokerage Calculator Options Brokerage Calculator for Finvasia Options Brokerage Calculator for Ventura
Detail Detail on Trading Platforms for finvasia Detail on Trading Platforms for ventura


Broker Ratings by Users

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on User Rating

  Finvasia Ventura
  14 Customer Reviews    Rate Finvasia 115 Customer Reviews    Rate Ventura
Fees Ratings 4.2 3.8
Trading Brokerage Rating 4.6 4.1
Trading Platform Usability 4.1 3.5
Customer Service Ratings 3.6 3.5
Overall Ratings Rated 4.4 stars Rated 3.8 stars
Broker Rating Finvasia is Rated 4.4 / 5 based on 14 customer reviews Ventura is Rated 3.8 / 5 based on 115 customer reviews

Investment Offerings

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Investment Offerings

Compare Finvasia with Ventura on Investment Offerings like Online IPO Application, Equity Cash and F&O, Currency, Commodity Trading, Mutual Funds Investment, Bonds/NCD, EFT, Banking, Insurance, Forex Trading, Mutual Funds SIP, Equity SIP, PMS Services. Equity and Equity deravitives - Both broker offers trading/investment options in Equity and Equity Derivatives on both the exchanges NSE/BSE. Commodity Trading - Both broker offers trading options in Commodity (MCX). Online Mutual Fund Investment - Both broker offers online mutual fund investment option. Portfolio Management Services (PMS) - both the brokers don't have PMS Service.

Investment Offerings - Compare Finvasia with Ventura
Investment Offerings Compare Finvasia Ventura
Equity Cash and F&O Yes Yes
Currency Deravitives Yes Yes
Commodity Yes Yes
Online IPO Application Yes No
Mutual Funds Yes Yes
Bond / NCD Yes Yes
ETF Yes Yes
Banking No No
Insurance No No
Forex No No
MF SIP Investment Yes Yes
Equity SIP Investment No No
PMS Service No No
Other Investment Options NIL NIL

Order Types

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Order Types

Order Type - Compare Finvasia with Ventura on offerings of order types. All the brokers provide CNC Order, MIS Order, NRML Order. The difference comes with the advance order type like cover order, bracket order, AMO and GTC order. Cover Orders (CO) - Finvasia provide Cover Orders (CO) where Ventura doesn't offer.Cover Orders (CO) is placed an compulsory stop loss and this is a intraday position. With cover order broker give you additional margin, as this order are placed with compulsory SL. Bracket Orders (BO) - Finvasia provide Bracket Orders (BO) where Ventura doesn't offer.With the name its cleare in Bracket orders you lock in a profit by bracketing an order with two opposite-side orders. A BUY order is bracketed by a high-side sell limit order and a low-side sell stop order. You will get higher margin in bracket order as you are limiting your losses. After Market Orders (AMO)- Finvasia offers After Market Orders where Ventura doesn't offers AMO. GTC Orders- Both broker doesn't support Good Till Cancelled (GTC) orders.

Order Types - Compare Finvasia with Ventura
Order Type Compare Finvasia Ventura
CNC order Yes Yes
MIS order Yes Yes
NRML order Yes Yes
Cover order Yes No
Bracket order Yes No
AMO-After Market Orders Yes No
GTC-Good Till Cancelled No No

Customer Service Offered

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Customer Service

Compare Finvasia with Ventura on customer service offered by the broker. This section compares types of service offered by each broker for a quick resolution for query/issue you have.

Customer Support - Compare Finvasia with Ventura
Customer Service Compare Finvasia Ventura
24/7 Customer Service Finvasia vs Ventura - 24x7 customer support No No
Email Support Finvasia vs Ventura - Email Support Yes Yes
Onine Live Chat Finvasia vs Ventura - Onine Live Chat Yes Yes
Phone Support Finvasia vs Ventura - Phone Support Yes Yes
Toll Free Number Finvasia vs Ventura - Toll Free Number No No
Through Branches Finvasia vs Ventura - Through Branches No Yes
Customer Care Number Finvasia vs Ventura - Customer Care Number Support: +91 9779 097 777/Sales: +91 9098 001 001 Info Not Available
Account Opening Process Finvasia vs Ventura - Account Opening Process Online/Paperless Info Not Available
Customer Support Email Finvasia vs Ventura - Customer Support Email [email protected]/[email protected] Info Not Available
Knowledge Center/Education Finvasia vs Ventura - Knowledge Center/Education
Head Office Address Finvasia vs Ventura - Head Office Address/Corporate Address Finvasia Securities Pvt Ltd
Plot #10,
Netsmatrz House (Level 3),
Rajiv Gandhi Chd. Tech Park,
Chandigarh -160101
Info Not Available
Website Finvasia vs Ventura - Company Website Info Not Available

Tips/Research/Reports Published

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Research Reports, Tips

Compare Finvasia with Ventura on research reports and tips provided by the broker.

Research Reports - Compare Finvasia with Ventura
  Finvasia Ventura
Research Mutual Funds Finvasia vs Ventura - Research Mutual Funds No Yes
Research Equity Reports Finvasia vs Ventura - Research Equity Reports No Yes
Research ETF Finvasia vs Ventura - Research ETF No Yes
Daily Market Report Finvasia vs Ventura - Daily Market Report No Yes
Free Tips Finvasia vs Ventura - Free Tips No Yes
Quarterly Result Analysis Finvasia vs Ventura - Quarterly Results No Yes
News Alerts Finvasia vs Ventura - No Yes

Demat Account

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Demat Account

Compare Finvasia with Ventura on Demat Service and Charges. When compare Broker A with Broker B on Dmeat account, we mainly focus on two points - Demat AMC and Debit Transaction Charges.

Demat AMC are the charges which one need to pay every year to maintain demat account. Some brokers offer Demat AMC for free, some charge onetime fee, some charge per annum fee. This is your recurring cost, so one should consider this cost when opening Demat account.

Both the brokers offer Free Demat AMC.

Second charges which we want to discuss are transaction charges on debit of shares or MF. For IPO, MF, Delivery trading – when one sell the script, there are debit transaction charges. These charges are apart from your brokerage and other regularity charges one need to pay.

Transaction charges on debit of ISIN for Finvasia is ₹9 + ₹5.50 (CDSL Charges) for every transaction where for Ventura is ₹20 per transaction.You can see this charges on debit of Equity/Mutual Funds from your demat account.

This section covers about demat charges, demat service and other details

Demat Charges - Compare Finvasia with Ventura
  Finvasia Ventura
DP ID Finvasia vs Ventura - DP ID 84300 IN-DP-NSDL
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges(AMC) Free Free (₹3000 Refundable Deposit)
Advance Deposit Rs 0 NIL
Statutory charges Nil Nil
Transaction Charges on Debit (Per ISIN) ₹9 + ₹5.50 (CDSL Charges) for every transaction ₹20 per transaction
Demat ₹15 per certificate ₹50
Remat ₹15 for every hundred securities + CDSL Charges ₹50
Pledge Creation ₹25 per transaction ₹50
Pledge Creation Confirmation NIL ₹50
Pledge Closure ₹25 per transaction Nil
Pledge Closure Confirmation NIL Nil
Pledge Invocation ₹19 per transaction Nil
Failed Instruction Charges ₹49 Nil
Other Charges Nil Nil


Special Offers,Advantages,Disadvantages

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Special Offers and Promotion

Compare Finvasia with Ventura on the general features, advantages, disadvantages, payout options, payout time, bank supported and charges, special offers and promotion.

Compare Finvasia vs Ventura on Special Offers and Promotion
  Finvasia Ventura
Pay In and Pay Out Options Finvasia vs Ventura - Pay In and Pay Out Options Pay-in with cheque, online bank transfer via IMPS, NEFT or RTGS, UPI, Netbanking / Payment Gateway from SCALPERT, NSET, NOW, Fox Trader, BEST Software.
Pay-out / Withdrawal Fund through bank transfer only.
Info Not Available
Payout Time Finvasia vs Ventura - Payout Time Up to 24 hrs except for bank holidays. Info Not Available
Bank Supported and Charges Finvasia vs Ventura - Bank Supported and Charges Around 20+ banks allow instant credit facility (payment gateway) with charges of Rs 9 + GST from Finvasia trading platforms. Info Not Available
Account Number:08730340000255
Bank and Branch: Plot no.28, Phase 1, Industrial Area, Chandigarh
Account Type: Current Account
IFSC Code:HDFC0000873
Info Not Available

No-doubt, zero brokerage fees is the most crucial benefit available on trading with Finvasia. Check out the key pros or advantages of opening an account and trading with Finvasia as follows;

  • Zero account opening fees.
  • Commission or Brokerage-free trading across all segments.
  • Free and easy-to-use platforms; Shoonya web, app, and exe desktop software.
  • Free of cost Shoonya Developer API.
  • Start algo trading with HFT Algo.
  • Invest in IPO, bonds, and direct mutual funds.
  • Finvasia allows BTST (Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow) facility.
  • Place advanced orders like bracket order (BO), cover order (CO), and after market order (AMO).
  • GTT (Good Till Triggered order) is available across all segments with 1 year validity.
  • Zero call & trade charges.
  • No annual maintenance fee.
  • Zero hidden charges.
  • Lowest DP Charges.

Detail Review...

  • Multiple exchanges trading platforms on BSE, NSE, and MCX.
  • Invest in bonds, IPO, ETFs, and mutual funds.
  • Paperless account opening facility.
  • Zero account opening charges
  • Zero Demat maintenance charges for a lifetime.
  • Trade or Invest through the Ventura Wealth app and Pointer desktop software.
  • Trade calls, insights-packed research recommendations, Super Value Picks, IPO research, etc.
  • NRI Trading is available.
  • Stock lending and borrowing (SLB) service offerings.
  • Stay updated with the latest insights by accessing Ventura blogs.
  • Get flat Rs. 450 referral benefits.
  • Free call & Trade

Detail Review...


Despite no brokerage charges levied, there are some concerns, cons, or disadvantages of trading with Finvasia, here are the points;

  • Does not provide margin funding.
  • You cannot open a 3-in-1 account with Finvasia.
  • Finvasia is an online discount broker and does not have any physical branches.
  • It does not provide intraday trading tips, investment ideas, and research
  • No dedicated relationship manager.

Detail Review...

  • It does not provide a 3-in-1 account opening facility.
  • Hefty charges are levied to use the Pointer trading terminal software.
  • Ventura Securities only provides regular schemes, direct mutual funds are not available on the platform.
  • You cannot place Good Till Cancelled (GTC), after market order (AMO), and Buy Today, Sell Tomorrow (BTST)
  • It levies higher brokerage charges than discount brokers.
  • High brokerage of 50 per transaction fees on mutual fund investment.
  • Does not offer a flat brokerage plan.

Detail Review...

Special Offers/Promo Free Account Opening+Free Demat AMC+Free Trading. Zero account opening fees for limited time.
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