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Angel One Trading Platforms 2023

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Angel One Trading Platform Review
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Being a trading member of BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX, Angel One Ltd provides trading across multiple segments such as equity, derivatives, commodity, currency, IPO, MF, ETF, life insurance, etc. the brokerage house focus consistently on providing the best services through latest technology, advanced platforms on Angel One mobile app and website, Angel SpeedPRO, and Trade Angel One. Besides this, the broker also offers Angel Bee app to invest in mutual funds, Angel One ARQ as an investment advisory tool and Angel One SmartAPI which is build-in trading and investing platform. Clients can use mobile, desktop, and laptop and start online trading with Angel One. It further uses the best trading tools to offer unmatched performance.

In this page, you can find the features, demo and downloadable links of each of below Angel One Trading Platforms.

  • Angel One App (mobile trading application)
  • Trade Angel One (Online trading platform)
  • Angel SpeedPro (Desktop Trading Software)
  • Angel Bee (Mutual Fund investment app)
  • Angel One ARQ (Investment advisory tool)
  • Angel One SmartAPIs (Build Traing and Investing Platform)

Angel One App

    Angel One Mobile app has launched ARQ powered auto advisory tool which completely runs on algorithms which help investors to stay invested in top-performing stocks and mutual funds. It lets the traders and investors to trade on their fingertips anywhere and everywhere in the world. It also provides financial assistance to clients so that you can invest in the right stock. Angel One app is a highly secured and easy-to use platform which incorporates many innovative features, faster stock trading, market analysis, real-time market coverage, advanced charting, funds transfer facility to multiple banks and much more. The app is available for free to all the clients.

    Find out the complete list of Angel One mobile app features as under;

    • The mobile app allows trading in equity, F&O, currency, commodity and other segments.
    • 40+ technical indicators and intraday charting to analyze each and every stocks aspect.
    • The app allows an instant fund transfer through 40+ banks.
    • Multiple watch list facilitates people to create customized watchlists across segments.
    • Personalized notifications and instant new updates.
    • ARQ based on algorithms provides personalize advisory and portfolio health checkup and assist clients to build quality portfolio
    • Build portfolio and keep track on all your investment on a single page.
    • Live market data keep users updated with the real-time quotes.
    • The angle One mobile app provides ease and freedom to trade anytime.
    • The app also offers mutual fund advisory services based on client specification.
    • In-depth market reports of local as well as global market indices.
    • Research reports including fundamental and technical reports.
    • Simple user profiling.

Angel One App Demo

    Angel One, the full-service broker has a YouTube channel where you can easily find the product demo video of various trading platforms. The demo provides a clear guidance about how to buy and sell stocks and how to access various features offered by the mobile app.

Angel One App Download

    Any person can download the Angle One mobile application from the broker’s website on their mobile device. The app is compatible across iOS and Android devices.

    Steps to download the Angle One App

    • Visit the Angel One website.
    • On the top, under the “Platforms - Tools & Research”, you’ll find “Our Platforms”, click on “Angel One App”
    • A new web page will be displayed, scroll down the page to check app downloadable links on Playstore and App Store. Click on the relevant link to install the app.
  • Angel One Mobile App on Android: Android device users can download the app from the Google Play Store.
  • Download Angel One App on Android

  • Angel One Mobile App on iOS: If you’re an iOS user and use devices such as iPAD and iPhone then you can download the app from the App store.
  • Download Angel One App on App Store

Angel One Trade

    Web-based online platform of Angel One is where any client can login and trade through the broker’s web platform on any of the supported browser. It is an updated version of earlier platform “Angel Eye” and can be traded at One can trade in equity cash and intraday, derivatives, currency, bonds, IPO, mutual funds, futures & options, commodity and others through this platform.

    The key features offered by the Angel One Trade, the online trading website are enlisted here as under:

    • Manage all your investment across various segments i.e. equity, derivatives, commodity, currency, at one single place.
    • Track your portfolio anytime anywhere in the world.
    • Create customized watch lists to quickly track the stock movement.
    • Angel One web portal offers a number of technical charting to assess market trends. Users can also customize various charts.
    • State-of-the art stock screener and interactive charting.
    • Access research reports, market data, and news.
    • Receive alerts and notifications on e-mail or SMS on registered numbers.
    • Simplified and ease to use interface.
    • Get model portfolio and various online calculators.
    • Live market streaming quotes.
    • With a single login, users can also manage family’s account.

Angel SpeedPro

    Providing single window trading experience to every client, Angel SpeedPro is a desktop trading platform with all the features that requires for a competent stock trading. The desktop app can be installed directly from the official website of Angel One and after logging in, one can start trading. Angle SpeedPro trading terminal gives an integrated single-window trading experience to meet all your investment need.

    The key features by the Angle One trading software, SpeedPro are listed below:

    • 30 days intraday charting for historical data of 20 years along with 70+ technical studies
    • The software provides real-time market updates.
    • Get technical charting to take rationalized trading decision.
    • Scrip-wise buy price, daily gain and loss, and profit and loss on portfolio holdings.
    • Integrated news and access research reports.
    • The software provides you a Real-time market update to keep users updated with the ongoing market trend.
    • Users can monitor all your investment at a single software, Angle SpeedPro.
    • Easy investment and redemption in mutual funds.
    • The desktop app gives integrated news flash and reports.

Angel SpeedPro Download

    To download the software, use these steps;

    • Go to the official website of the broker.
    • Under the “Platforms-Tools & Research”, click on the Angel SpeedPro.
    • A new page will be open, click on the “Download” button to install the trading software.

    Download Angel One SpeedPro

Angel Bee

    Angel One offers a special app for mutual fund investors, Angel Bee, where they can invest and track the investments in mutual funds of various categories. The app comes with the option of both the types of investments, i.e., SIP and lumpsum with other benefits such as zero paper work, tailormade recommendations, and much more. Angel Bee Mutual Fund app was awarded with the “Best Mobile App for Mutual Fund Investment” in 2018 at India BSE.

    Several important features offered by the Angel One mutual fund platform are presented below:

    • One-stop solution to meet all your mutual funds investment requirement.
    • Availability of funds across categories such as equity, hybrid, and debt mutual funds.
    • Tie-up with leading AMCs such as ICICI, Kotak, Axis, ABSL, HDFC, SBI, L&T, and others.
    • Users can assess their financial health and seek advisory services to invest in the right mutual fund.
    • Tax saving by investing in ELSS funds subject to 3 years lock-in period.
    • Manage your expenses with in-built expense tracker.
    • Investment allowed through both the flexible SIP and lumpsum mode.
    • ARQ backed mutual funds recommendations to get index-beatable returns.
    • Use calculators to identify your finance requirements and thereby achieve financial goal.
    • Easy investment and redemption process anytime anywhere.
    • Users can also receive alerts and notifications based on specified conditions.
    • Completely free as users don’t have to pay any charges.

Angel Bee Demo

Angel Bee Download

Angel One ARQ

    Angel One has launched an innovative investment engine, called ARQ to build efficient portfolio. ARQ comes up with multiple power including machine learning, cognitive technology, and deep industry insights. The automated advisory tool provides personalized advice to clients based on individual’s investment requirements. The tool creates, monitor and rebalance investors’ portfolio to offer them index-beating returns.

    Several important features that ARQ offers include following:

    • The revolutionary automated tool provides index-beatable returns.
    • ARQ uses Model Portfolio Theory and accordingly, gives the best asset allocation as per clients risk preference.
    • ARQ assist people to invest in stocks and mutual funds with strong future growth potential.
    • ARQ not just creates the portfolio but also check portfolio health in terms of ARQ score.
    • Able to gain favorable returns in every market condition.
    • The advisory doesn’t require any minimum investment amount.
    • Back-testing proves that ARQ recommendations beat benchmark return.
    • It is completely free hence no subscription needed.
    • All trading platforms such as Angel One app, Angel SpeedPro, and Angel One Trade are ARQ powered platforms.

Angle One SmartAPI

Angle One SmartAPI offers free algorithmic trading to retail investors, advisors, startups, or essentially anyone who wants to get into the algorithmic trading game. This helps in boosting the investing power of retail investors and executes real-time trades via Angel One which is deployed in 5 programming languages. Therefore, SmartAPI allows you to execute trades through small snippets of code in a language you are familiar with.

Features of Angel One SmartAPI

  • It allows you to open your own trading platform without having to worry about the process of obtaining brokerage licenses.
  • Free of cost- you can sign up easily and login to trade.
  • Stream historical market data and live market data to your program.
  • Provides data in comprehensive, and structured format making it retrieval and manipulative in JSON format.

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Angel One provides all types of trading platforms including web, mobile app, and exe desktop software.

  • Angel One App: The Angel One mobile application is powered by ARQ and provides a platform for trading and investment requirements.
  • Angel One Trade: is a web-based trading platform to provide clients with a simplified user interface and helps in managing the portfolio, trading efficiently and staying updated on market movements.
  • Angel Speedpro: Angel Speedpro is a trading software which provides clients with a single point trading facility and helps monitor the trade through it.


Angel One has installable desktop trading software extremely used by heavy-volume intraday traders for faster trade order execution. SpeedPro is an all-in-one trading terminal to trade on BSE, NSE, and MCX, track your portfolio, get research, and instant news updates.

Steps to download Angel SpeedPro exe desktop software;

  1. Go to the broker’s website.
  2. Under the “Products” tab, click on the “Angel SpeedPro”.
  3. Scroll the page and tap on the “Download Now” option.
  4. Angel SpeedPro .exe file will be downloaded on your desktop or laptop.


Angel One mobile app can be installed on Android and iOS as well. To download the app, follow these steps:


ARQ Prime by Angel One is a rule-based investment engine that recommends stocks for investment based on a set of proven rules that is free from human intervention. Angel One customers can subscribe to ARQ Prime to find out different types of stocks such as value stocks, growth stocks, quality stocks, and high momentum stocks. Currently, the broker provides 1-month free ARQ subscription to all customers.


Yes, likewise other discount and full-service stock brokers, Angel One offers a stock trading app under its own brand name. It is an all-in-one share trading app to trade or invest in 5,000+ shares, equity futures & options, commodities, and currencies on BSE, NSE, and MCX. You can also apply in IPO and invest in global US stocks & ETFs.


Besides UPI, net banking is another mode to transfer funds to your Angel One account. So, non-UPI users or traders, and investors who want to transfer more than Rs 1 Lakh must add money via net banking.

Angel One Fund Transfer through Net Banking

  1. Log in to Angel One Account.
  2. Go to the “Funds” tab and click on the “Add Funds” option.
  3. Enter the amount and select “Net Banking” mode.
  4. The page will be redirected to your bank’s website.
  5. Fill in your bank account login credentials.
  6. Enter the OTP and tap on the “submit” option.
  7. The funds will be added and reflected to the Angel One Account.


No, adding money to your Angel One account via any mode be it net banking or UPI payment gateway is free. Angel One does not charge any fund transfer fee from clients.


Angel One account holders can trade on the BSE, NSE, and MCX using the Angel One mobile trading app. Here are the steps to buy shares in the Angel One app;

  1. Log in to the Angel One trading app.
  2. Search the scrip and add it to the watchlist.
  3. Tap on the stock name.
  4. Click on the Buy or Sell option.
  5. Enter the quantity and select between the Limit or Market order.
  6. Tap on “Buy” and the order will be successfully placed on the exchange.
  7. The order placed will be shown in the “positions” option under the “Order” tab.


Angel One mobile app is a free share trading app to trade or invest in 5,000+ shares, F&O, commodities, and currencies segment.

From paperless onboarding feature to many advanced features such as ARQ technology-backed advisory services, portfolio health check-up, ChartIQ and TradingView charts, hundreds of technical indicators, and trade ideas & investment recommendations are available on the Angel One app.

The app is downloadable on the Play store and the App store as well to facilitate mobile trading on android, iOS (iPad and iPod) smartphone devices.


Intraday or day trading means buying and selling stocks on the same trading day means the intraday trade positions are squared off on the same day before the market closes. If the MIS positions are not closed, then it will be automatically squared off. MIS (Margin Intraday Square off) is the intraday trading product type.

Steps to place intraday order in Angel One

  • Log in to the Angel One account on web or mobile app.
  • Add the stock to the watchlist.
  • Tap on the “Buy”
  • Specify the quantity and price and select “Intraday” product type.
  • Tap on the “Confirm Buy” option.
  • The intraday order will be placed.


Angel One has an all-in-one stock market mobile trading app to trade on your fingertips in a hassle-free manner.

  • TradingView and ChartIQ charting tool.
  • Multiple technical indicators and drawing tools.
  • Multiple chart timeframes i.e., 1-minute, 10 minutes, 60 minutes, daily, and weekly.
  • Trade (Buy/Sell) from the Chart facility.


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