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Zerodha Trading Platform 2022

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Zerodha Trading Platform Review

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Zerodha Kite is the in-house built flagship trading platform that is available in web and mobile trading app versions. Kite online trading software allows customers to trade at BSE, NSE, and MCX. The sleek user interface, universal instrument search, advanced charting, market data, etc. are the key features of Kite. However, Zerodha coin is the direct mutual fund investment platform accessible through any browser or users can download the coin mobile app on Android and iOS. It also has a reporting dashboard, Zerodha Console. Let’s get the complete details of the Zerodha Trading Platform review including Kite and coin platform features, download, demo, and more.

  1. Zerodha Kite [Web, Mobile App, and Kite Connect API]
  2. Zerodha Coin [Web and Mobile App]
  3. Zerodha Console [Backoffice Software]

Zerodha Kite

Kite is the ultra-fast, elegant, and flagship trading platform built in-house by Zerodha. The platform allows online trading and investment in equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency segment. Kite by Zerodha is available in 3 forms as follows:

  1. Kite Web: Kite Web-trading platform can be accessed through any browser i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, and others.
  2. Kite Mobile Trading App: Customers can download the Kite mobile app on android and iOs devices and start online trading on BSE, NSE, and MCX at your fingertips.
  3. Kite Connect API: Kite API is a set of REST-like HTTP/JSON APIs to facilitate developers to build their own front-end trading platform. Kite Connect API is not free and available at a monthly subscription fee of Rs. 2000.

Zerodha Kite Features

  • Online Trading at BSE, NSE, and MCX
  • 5 customizable market watchlists with up to 50 stocks in each watchlist.
  • Universal instrument search bar across 90,000+ stocks and F&O contracts.
  • Real-time streaming market quotes.
  • Sleek and intuitive user interface.
  • Advanced charting with 100+ technical indicators, 20 drawing tools, and 6 types of charts.
  • TradingView and ChartIQ charts on web and mobile.
  • Multiple order types: Regular order, BO, CO, MIS, CNC, AMO, SL, SL-M, and GTT order.
  • Level 3 data with 20 market depth for buy and sell bid, orders, and quantity.
  • Instant fund transfer through UPI [Free] and net banking.
  • Place order directly from the Chart.
  • Integrated with Zerodha Console back-office software to access reports.
  • Stay notified of the market movement, important announcements, and news.
  • Zerodha Kite Widget to get an instant fundamental snapshot of stock.
  • Multilingual support in 10+ languages.

Zerodha Kite Demo

A quick intro to Zerodha Kite 3.0

You can also access Kite user manual online to know the features available on Zerodha Kite.

Zerodha Kite App Download

You can download Kite mobile app on Android and iOS devices from the play store and the App store. Here are the links to install the Kite app;

Zerodha Coin [Mutual Fund Investment Platform]

Zerodha is the first broker to launch Zerodha Coin, Free Direct Mutual Fund Investment Platform. The platform is available in web/browser-based platforms and mobile versions to allow commission-free investment in mutual funds. You can buy and sell thousands of direct plans from 40+ AMCs on coin at zero brokerage and at no DP charges.

Zerodha Coin Features

  • Start SIP (monthly investment) or lump sum in your choice of mutual fund.
  • Zero-brokerage or commission-free investment in direct mutual funds.
  • Access direct plans across equity, debt, and hybrid category.
  • Direct mutual funds from 40+ fund houses.
  • Start, redeem, stop, or cancel SIP investment anytime.
  • View MF portfolio
  • Free mutual fund redemption at nil DP charges on coin.
  • Access reports like P&L, capital gain report, etc.

Zerodha Coin Demo

Coin Zerodha is a completely free MF platform that neither charges any brokerage on investment nor charges any DP fee on redemption.

Zerodha Coin Demo

Zerodha Coin Mobile App Download

Coin by Zerodha app is available on the Play store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. Click on the provided links to download the app on your smartphone.

Zerodha Console [Back-office software]

Console is the central back-office reporting dashboard that provides trade, P&L, and other types of reports. Users can also apply in IPO using UPI through Console platform. It can be accessed through the Kite Zerodha web and app.

Zerodha Console Features

  • Dashboard to track the total value of your investment and growth value.
  • Keep track of all the debit and credit information of Zerodha Trading Account.
  • Place fund withdrawal request.
  • Get multiple reports like P&L reports, trade reports, etc. on the console.
  • View and track complete portfolio of stocks and mutual funds.
  • Apply IPO online using UPI.
  • Download margin statement, contract notes, etc.

Zerodha Console Login

Here is the simple process on How to login with the Zerodha Console?

  1. Go to Zerodha Kite.
  2. Enter login ID and password to log in with the Kite.
  3. Go to your “Client ID” and click on the “Console” option.
  4. Now, on the console web dashboard, click on the “Login with Kite”.
  5. Zerodha Console platform is accessible now.

Zerodha third-party trading platforms

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Zerodha FAQs

Zerodha Coin app is available on both the android and iOS. Links to download Zerodha Coin are available here;

Click here to download Zerodha Coin mobile app on Android

Click here to download Zerodha Coin mobile app on iOS



Yes, Zerodha provides direct mutual fund investment facility with Zerodha Coin.



Zerodha Sentinel is a platform that provides you real-time market alerts. The software provides you to set basic and advanced price alerts.



Zerodha, the number one brokerage house in India has introduced an extra layer of security on its mobile-based trading app (Kite) and web with a time-based one-time password or TOTP.

Security is the most important thing when you are doing financial transactions. In the past, Zerodha has two levels of authentication. Still, that is not enough to secure your trading application. With that reference, Zerodha has introduced one more level of security in its trading application which is TOTP.

To prevent any frauds, Zerodha had temporarily blocked trading in all illiquid risky contracts. TOTP is its way to keep its investors and their data safe.

TOTP is optional for added security instead of PIN on Kite. You can disable the same in case you are not comfortable with the process. Enable and disable the TOTP service on Zerodha Kite is a very quick and easy process.

Steps to set up TOTP on Zerodha Kite

To start the process to set up TOTP on the kite, download either Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator ( Authy) app on android or iOS devices. These two apps are available free of cost on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then follow these steps

  1. Login to Kite with Web> Account > My profile > Password & Security
  2. Click on Enable 2Factor TOTP
  3. Next, you will get OTP on registered email. Verify the same.
  4. Now go to Google Authenticator > scan the barcode
  5. From your mobile camera, scan the barcode on your Kite Web
  6. Enter the code generated from your mobile to kite web and password> submit.
  7. On success, your 2Factor TOTP is active.



Once you enable TOTP, when you open the Zerodha Kite mobile app, you need to enter the TOTP from the Authenticator app. Instead of 6 digit pin, you need to enter 6 digit codes from Authenticator.



Yes, you can disable TOTP in Zerodha any time and come back on security PIN mode. The process is same, you need to Login to Kite with Web> Account > My profile > Password & Security > Disable TOTP.



To disable TOTP, the process is the same. Login to Kite with Web> Account > My profile > Password & Security. Under 2Factor TOTP, click on disable. Enter your password and PIN. And you are done.



Amibroker is a platform for comprehensive technical analysis embedded with many features i.e. powerful charting, scanning, and back-testing. If you have an account with Zerodha, then you can easily integrate Amibroker and Zerodha Pi using Pi Bridge that connects charting engine – Amibroker with the trading platform- Zerodha Pi and then access a lot of features provided below;

  • Advanced charting: drawing tools, technical indicators, customizable user interface, charts on multiple timeframes, in-built indicators, etc.
  • Amibroker formula: This feature allows users to create their own indicators and trading system by writing technical analysis formulas. The platform has 200+ in-built AFL functions that one can use to building blocks for their own formulas.
  • Backtesting: The automatic analysis window on Amibroker helps users to scan the historical database for the defined criteria to perform back-testing on your trading strategy.
  • Symbol and Quotes database: It provides historical data, quotes, and comes with many advanced filters.



Kite is the mobile app for Zerodha that is one of the most popular applications in the Indian stock broking industry. The in-house built, intuitive, lightweight, and multilingual mobile trading app by Zerodha provides a lot of features to users, several important features are presented below:

  • Trading and investment in various asset classes such as stocks, derivatives, commodities, etc.
  • Multiple market watchlist to add your favorite scrip.
  • Elegant and sleek user interface and universal search bar to access 90,000+ stocks and F&O contracts,
  • Advanced technical charting i.e. candlestick, bars, line, hollow candle, etc, and 100+ technical indicators.
  • Trade from the chart and multiple charts view on a single window.
  • Free fund transfer on UPI.
  • Price alerts and notifications.

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Zpin is the 4-digit support code that is actually the telephone code that users require to contact with Zerodha. If you’re an existing client with Zerodha and chose to connect with Zerodha over telephone then you’ve to enter your Zpin. However, if you’re raising a ticket on the Zerodha support portal, then, you can directly raise your ticket, although it will be identifiable through Zpin you don’t need to manually enter it.



Pi Bridge is a value-added service offered by Zerodha to access a professional charting platform - amibroker on Zerodha Pi. It is noteworthy that the service is not available to free of cost and charged at a monthly fee of Rs. 500.



Last Updated on 2022-06-02