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Best Trading Platforms in India 2023

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Best Trading Platforms in India

A good trading platform is the one that offers unbeatable speed, a user-friendly interface, real-time market data analysis, advanced and powerful charts, technical indicators, and a lot of handy tools for a seamless trading experience. In this article, you will find the top 10 best trading platforms in India for 2023 after we analyzed the platforms' features, fees, ease of use, charting tools, compatibility with different devices, and platform speed.

Types of trading platforms in India

Traders and investors can use three different types of interfaces to trade or invest in different asset classes be it stocks, derivatives, commodities, or currencies.

1. Mobile trading app

    The rapidly growing penetration of mobile devices has made the mobile app one of the most popular trading platforms. You can easily make buy and sell trades in stocks and F&O contracts with the click of a button on your Smartphone.

    Almost every broker, be it a full-service broker or a discount broker, has its own mobile trading app that runs on Android and iOS/iPad devices.

    Android users can download the stock trading app from the Play Store, while iOS fans can get it from the App Store.

2. Desktop trading platform

    The desktop trading software is best suited for professional intraday traders who are looking for the fastest trading platform to quickly execute buy and sell orders in the meantime. Users can download or install the trading software on their laptop or desktop from the broker’s website.

    The platform allows day traders to place orders using keyboard shortcuts and execute them instantly. It also offers many advanced and innovative features for traders such as instant access to historical price data, stock statistics, interactive charting features, technical indicators, and much more.

3. Web Trading Platform

    The rapidly growing penetration of mobile devices has made the mobile app one of the most popular trading platforms. You can easily make buy and sell trades in stocks and F&O contracts with the click of a button on your Smartphone.

    Almost every broker, be it a full-service broker or a discount broker, has its own mobile trading app that runs on Android and iOS/iPad devices.

Salient Features of the Best Trading Platform

What makes a platform the best platform for trading and investing includes the following;

  • Multiple exchanges supported for trading (BSE, NSE and MCX)
  • Fast execution of trading orders
  • Ease of use or user-friendly interface
  • Prominent features and functionality for traders
  • Compatibility of access across different devices
  • Security at the highest level

All discount brokers and full-service brokers usually provide their clients with both web and mobile-based trading platforms, but only a few of them offer desktop trading platforms as well. All brokers are adding more and more tools and features to their platforms to be on the top of the most recommended platforms list.

Here, the report explores the top 10 most popular web and desktop-based trading platforms in India for 2023. All the selected platforms have an easy-to-use interface and allow you to trade or invest in different segments in a simple and convenient way.

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Best Trading Platforms in India

Broker Trading Platform Web Trading Mobil App Review Request Callback
ZerodhaKite By ZerodhaYesYesZerodha ReviewOpen Account
UpstoxUpstox ProYesYesUpstox ReviewOpen Account
Angel OneAngel Speed ProYesYesAngel One ReviewOpen Account
FyersFyers OneYesYesFyers ReviewOpen Account
5paisa5paisaTradeStationYesYes5paisa ReviewOpen Account
ICICIDirectTrade RacerYesYesICICIDirect ReviewOpen Account

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Nuvama WealthXtreme TraderYesYesNuvama Wealth ReviewOpen Account
SharekhanTradeTigerYesYesSharekhan ReviewOpen Account
IIFL SecuritiesIIFL Trader terminalYesYesIIFL Securities ReviewOpen Account
Motilal OswalOrion LiteYesYesMotilal Oswal ReviewOpen Account

Top 10 recommended online trading platforms in India

Find out a brief review of the features offered by the top 10 online trading platforms to traders and investors.

1. Zerodha Kite Trading Platform – Web trading platform

Zerodha is the best brokerage house in terms of brokerage fees and trading platform. Kite by Zerodha is the in-house flagship trading platform available in web and mobile app versions.

What makes it the best platform for trading is it is able to work on a bandwidth of even less than 0.5 kbps which is unmatched when compared to other platforms. Zerodha Kite trading platform is absolutely free for all Zerodha clients.

The multilingual trading app is available in 11 different languages. The platform is equipped with an intuitive user interface and has many incredible features including the following;

  • 6 different types of charts (Renko, Helkin Ashi, Point & Figure, Range bars, Linebreak and Kagi)
  • View Multiple charts on a single screen.
  • Hundreds of technical indicators
  • Create up to 7 watchlists and add upto 50 scrips in each
  • Display market depth (buy and sell) on upto 20 level
  • Trade directly from charts
  • The Kite platform is also integrated with many third-party apps like Console backoffice, Sentinel, Streax, etc.

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2. Upstox Pro Trading Platform – Web Trading Platform

Upstox Pro web and mobile based trading platform is the 2nd top-ranked platform for traders and investors. The platform uses socket-technology to provide with real-time access to market data.

The Pro platform by Upstox supports trading on multiple exchanges including BSE, NSE, and MCX. The best-in-class features of Upstox Pro web and app are as follows;

  • Create unlimited number of market watch lists with watch list widgets
  • 107+ technical indicators to identify market trends
  • 12+ types of charts with TradingView and ChartIQ charting library
  • 10 years of stock price data history
  • Charts are available with a duration from 1 minute to 1 month
  • Trade directly from the chart

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3. Angel One Speed Pro Terminal – Desktop Trading Platform

Angel One Speed Pro is the best desktop trading software suitable for pro traders. You can download the software exe file to your system and enjoy a seamless trading journey.

The Speed Pro trading terminal is loaded with a wide range of advanced features to provide an unparalleled trading experience.

  • User-friendly and clutter-free interface with the possibility of customization
  • Dedicated market watch section
  • Know the top 5 buy and sell bids on NSE and BSE
  • Track 30 days of intraday price movements and 20 years of historical EOD reports
  • Over 70 technical indicators for technical analysis
  • Open market statistics in Excel with a great refresh rate

4. Fyers One – Desktop Trading Software

Fyers is a technology-driven discount broker that has a robust desktop trading platform called Fyers One. The platform is equipped with many analytical tools and features for traders.

  • Market Heatmap, Index meter, and Market dynamics
  • In-built technical stock screener to gauge intraday price movement, resistance and support levels, etc.
  • Stay up to date with exchange announcements and upcoming board meetings
  • FIIs & DIIs data, bulk and block deals, etc.
  • Create upto 10 market watchlists.
  • More than 60 types of technical indicators
  • 30 days of intraday charts and 10+ years of historical EoD data,

5. 5paisa Trade Station Terminal – Desktop Trading Platform

5paisa Trade Station is revolutionary desktop trading software for experienced traders. You can download the .exe file from 5paisa website to install the Trade Station Terminal in your system.

The ultra-fast and super-efficient software enables you to trade at lightning speed. 5paisa Trade Terminal has the following main features;

  • Multiple customizable watchlists with upto 100 scrips in each
  • Multiple types of advanced orders like bracket order, cover order, basket order, AMO.
  • Advanced charting and intraday stock charts for last 30 days
  • 5-level market depth for top bids and asks
  • Order slicing feature

6. ICICI Direct Trade Racer Terminal - Desktop Trading Platform

Trade Racer is a power-packed desktop trading platform from ICICI Direct. Everything from real-time live streaming quotes to multiple watchlists creation, integrated fund transfer, research calls, etc. are available on ICICI Direct Trade Racer platform.

The terminal-based trading software gives traders the ability to spot market opportunities with the following features;

  • Create upto 5 watchlists and add upto 20 scrips in each watchlist
  • Real-time stock screener and trend screen to analyze bullish and bearish trends.
  • Heatmaps with green and red color indicators stocks moved up and down
  • Customizable interface with an option to change color code, grid structure, etc.
  • Charting functionality and technical indicators
  • Snap view provides all information about a security including market depth, pivot levels, charts, peer group, etc.

7. Nuvama Xtreme Trader Terminal - Desktop Trading Software

Nuvama Terminal X3 or TX3 is one of the best trading terminals with complete analytical solutions for traders. The desktop trading platform is equipped with powerful charts, exceptional speed, and insightful analytics.

It is available for free to all Nuvama clients with no subscription fees. The salient features of Terminal X3 desktop trading software are;

  • Comprehensive market statistics for stocks, and futures & options
  • Live streaming charts with 60+ advanced technical indicators, and drawing tools.
  • Access 15 years of historical EOD data and 1 year of intraday charts
  • Advanced charts such as Heiken Ashi, Point & Figure, Kagi, Renko, etc.
  • Track your investment portfolio in real-time
  • Get stock recommendations from Nuvama research team
  • Shortcut keys for a faster trading experience
  • Advanced tools like option calculator, event calendar, etc.

8. Sharekhan Trade Tigar Terminal - Desktop Trading Platform

Sharekhan Trade Tiger is a terminal-based desktop trading software that needs to be downloaded to a desktop or laptop. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the Trade Tiger has the best features for you.

Trade Tiger by Sharekhan supports trading on the NSE, BSE, and MCX. The useful features of Trade Tiger terminal are;

  • One-click order placement.
  • Many tools like Heatmap, Live market scanner, chartbook, etc.
  • 30-90 days of intraday and daily charts and 30+ technical studies
  • Advanced trading from charts
  • Easy access to real-time news, research calls, tips, and recommendations.
  • Place advance orders like big orders, bulk orders, bracket orders at ease
  • Useful calculators like Span calculator, Brokerage calculator, premium calculator, etc.

9. IIFL Trader Terminal - Desktop Trading Software

IIFL’s proprietary Trader Terminal is one of the best online trading platforms or software in India. Its intuitive and sleek user-friendly interface and innovative features provide a seamless trading and investment experience.

The terminal-based platform offers a comprehensive range of data analytics to spot market trends and know important levels.

  • Live streaming market data.
  • Check the top 5 bids and asks and open interest quotes
  • Short-cut keys for one-tap order placement
  • Market analyzer with top gainers, top losers, etc
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA) for safety and security
  • Access multiple types of charts (OHLC, Line, Candlestick, etc.) from 1 month to 5 years of timeframe.
  • 14 types of technical studies
  • Hassle-free fund transfer with prominent banks such as ICICI, HDFC, Axis, Yes Bank, etc.

10. Motilal Oswal Orion Lite Trading Software - Desktop Trading Platform

The last recommended trading platform is the Orion Lite desktop trading software from Motilal Oswal. The software comes with tons of advanced features and tools from interactive risk-return charts to providing up-to-date information, live research recommendations, and real-time order execution.

The software runs smoothly even with low internet bandwidth. Orion Lite is the best trading software in India due to the following features;

  • Super-fast trade execution with a 1-second refresh rate
  • A variety of advanced charting tools with over 40 technical studies
  • Multi-asset watchlists provides live-streaming quotes for equity and derivative market.
  • Access to best in-house research reports (30,000+) on daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Integrated portfolio health check to review your portfolio and restructuring
  • Trade Guide Signal is an advanced technical tool to automatically get buy and sell ideas

Best Trading Platforms in India 2023

    Zerodha, India's number 1 discount broker by active customers, also has the best Kite trading platform for traders and investors. The ultra-fast and feature-rich Kite platform is designed with next-gen technology and offers many unique features such as advanced charting, 6+ technical charts, data widgets, real-time market data, and 100+ technical indicators. Among the terminal-based desktop trading platforms, Angel One Speed pro terminal is the top-rated platform followed by Fyers One and 5paisa terminal.


Zerodha Kite is the best platform for beginners to start online trading in equity, derivatives, commodity, and currency segment in India. Zerodha Kite trading platform is available for free to all customers. Kite platform is created using next-gen technology and available in 10+ languages to provides ease of access to users. Zerodha developers’ team has designed the Kite platform in the user-friendly manner, and users can also read the Kite manual to know how to use the Kite features. Customers can access to the Kite platform on the desktop and/or download the Kite mobile app on android and iOS devices.


Kite Zerodha is an excellent online trading platform in India that offers trading on BSE, NSE, and MCX. The platform even works well in low bandwidth and supports upto 10 languages. The platform is rated as the most popular trading platform due to the following facts;

  • View account summary.
  • Easy fund transfer process
  • Multiple market watchlist
  • Real-time price data and market depth view
  • 6+ types of advanced charts, 100+ technical indicators, 19+ drawing tools, and view 4 types of charts on a single screen
  • Trade from the chart
  • Multiple types of orders; RO, BO, CO, AMO, GTT, etc
  • TradingView and ChartIQ technical charting options
  • Trade from the chart facility.


The platform that has all the important features, easy-to-use, high-speed, accuracy, safe & secure, and compatibility across multiple browsers is the best platform for online trading. Here are the top 5 or the most popular platforms for online trading;

  1. Zerodha Kite Trading Platform.
  2. Upstox Pro Trading Platform.
  3. Angel Speed Trading Pro Platform.
  4. Fyers One Trading Platform.
  5. 5paisa Trade Station Web.


Zerodha Kite and Upstox Pro are the two super-fast and feature-rich online trading platforms in India. Both the trading platforms are free to use and available in mobile app and browser-accessible web platform. Zerodha Kite is the top-rated or the best platform for online trading with 18 Lakh+ customers. Both of these platforms allow online trading in equity intraday, derivative, commodity, and currency segment at Max Rs. 20 per order brokerage charges.


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